1. Make a single DD from any bank for the correct amount favouring:
    NIRMAL DARBAR, A/C: 9120-2004-6933-762
    DD should be made payable at: New Delhi.
    Ensure the spelling is correct
  2. Remember to keep a photocopy of the Demand Draft
  3. On the back side of the DD and on the envelop please mention the following:
    --Your Complete NAME as on ID proof
    --Your mobile number (to receive SMS)
    --SAMAGAM/SHOW Date/City
    --If more than one person is attending mention all names but only one mobile number
  4. Send Envelope along with Demand Draft to our address below:
    211 Chiranjiv Tower-43
    New Delhi, ND 110019
    Ph: 011-40766400 (Multiple Lines)

Post Payment & Registration:
  1. Upon receiving payment confirmation we will register you for the available Samagam/Show. You will receive confirmation of venue details and pass numbers by Phone/SMS.
On the Day of Samagam/Show :
  1. At the Samagam/Show venue we will have multiple Pass counters.
  2. You have to collect your pass from the counter by quoting your pass number.
  3. Please bring PHOTOCOPY of DD and ID Proof for verification.